Brief Notes on Happiness

How do we gain Happiness?
Happiness VS Fun:   Fun is merely a fleeting moment, while happiness is a long-lasting thing.   When looked up in the dictionary it says that fun is “something that provides mirth or amusement” while happiness is “pleasure; contentment; joy”
As Elder Claudio Costa of the Seventy says, “Both fun and happiness are fine, but certainly happiness is the most worth seeking.”
The parable of the prodigal son.   He had fun while he was away, but when his friends left him, he returned home to find true happiness in family.
To gain true happiness we don’t all have to run away and spend all our money until we have to eat pig’s slop, then run back to finally realize what we were missing, but we can gain happiness by following the Lord’s commandments.   Happiness lies in the small and simple things that build us up and increase our faith and testimony.
Such as:
Morning and nightly prayer
Feeling the spirit
Repentance—we’ve been talking about it in class recently, the atonement,
Self-reliance—when we take up the responsibility to be in charge of our own lives
Talking to our family—your family is a large group of support for you, they care
Mosiah 2:41—because the commandments are designed to bring us eternal happiness, so one of the simplest ways to gain happiness would be to follow the Lord’s commandments!
Alma 41:10 “wickedness never was happiness” but I suppose it could be fun.   But “fun” is no comparison to eternal happiness; do we really want to sacrifice our eternal happiness for a few moments of fun?
Happiness is also a choice.   First of all, we can choose to follow the commandments, and second of all, we can choose to be happy, even in the face of adversity.   How can we do this?   Losing ourselves in service.   All comes back to the commandments doesn’t it?
President Uchtdorf has taught that through creativity and charity, we are much happier.   Being ourselves (because we are compassionate creators of a compassionate and...