Bridge to Terabithia

Why do Jess and Leslie create Terabithia?

The novel, “Bridge to Terabithia,” written by Katherine Paterson is a story about two friends, Jess and Leslie who created an imaginary land called Terabithia. Jess and Leslie created Terabithia in order to be in a place where they weren’t judged by any stereotypes, a place for them to use their imaginations to overcome fears and most important of all; to help rebuild Jess’s relationship with his family, especially his father.
  Jess and Leslie didn’t fit into the typical stereotypes of a boy and girl in Lark Creek in the 1970s. Boys were meant to be strong, stand up for themselves, not be scared and do other manly things mud wrestling. Girls were meant to have long hair, not run in races and play with dolls and imaginary ponies. Jess and Leslie didn’t fit into any of these stereotypes which was why they were often laughed at and bullied. Jess liked to draw which was considered a girls hobby and Leslie wore weird clothes which weren’t for a stereotypical girl. When Jess first met Leslie, he was quite confused. ‘He saw the person who had short jaggedly brown hair cut close to its face and wore one of those blue under shirt like tops with faded jeans cut off above the knees. He couldn’t honestly tell whether if it was a boy or girl.’ If they didn’t create Terabithia then Jess and Leslie wouldn’t have gotten to express themselves in a place where they could do anything they want without being judged.
    Jess and Leslie enjoyed going to Terabithia because it helped them overcome their fears; the imaginary monster they defeated in their games became real obstacles in life they learnt to overcome. They fought the giant in Terabithia and then stood up to Janice Avery, the giant in real life. Jess learnt to overcome his inability to stand up for himself; Leslie was brave and in order to follow her, he had to as well! ‘Jess hated feeling anxious and he wished he could have a gut transplant to become brave like Leslie.’ If...