Books vs Tv

Books or TV
Reading books is better than watching TV

Today in society and through the use of modern technology people are abe to select their preferred method of watching, reading or listening to stories. There are indefinitely more benefits to reading books than watching TV. The main benefits are as follows: can be kept forever, a better and more detailed storyline and description and better for learning and personal health.

Books can be kept forever is they are purchased. This is just of the reasons why reading books is better than watching TV. When watching TV, they only thing that may stick in your mind is the visual image that is created and not the storyline or any morals behind the storyline. TV shows and movies don’t last forever and unless every season of a show is bought as a record or movies and shows are rented, there is no way a person can watch the show again. Books, however can be borrowed or bought and read anytime, as often as one desires. One can never resist a good book especially after picking it up to read, however is can be easy to lose interest in a TV show.

Another significant advantage that books have over TV is that books have a more detailed description and storyline. For example, if a book were to be separated into chapters to be created into a TV show, the chapters represented in a certain episode would only fit into a certain time frame, meaning that scenes in the book may have to be cut to achieve the director/producer’s goals of the show. However in a book, all the descriptive language, that is usually left out on TV can be read. The storyline is also better than those in a TV show, because the author is able to describe the way each character should feel in a better manner, enabling readers to get a better picture in their minds. When reading a book, the reader has to think about the storyline, where as when watching TV, all the person has to do is sit and watch.

Books are a relaxing way to spend a day and they are...