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Gentry, F. Daniel

Potheads, legally selling their utilities.
For many years there have been pipes being sold to the public fore use of tobacco, but when the seller puts an add out for their product it is surrounded by marijuana or many of you would know the terms weed, pot, dank, skunk and but not least the good shit. These are all terms used fore the marijuana drug. Why would they sell such a product for tobacco and surround it by a drug. It’s a legal loophole in ower laws. We can go in to any smoke shop and buy a (bong) but we cant say (bong), we have to say water pipe and there we are with ower product.
      Tommy Chong jailed fore using the term (bong).
      Tommy Chong had been arrested for selling water pipes and sending them through the mail. Though he never used the word bong, his face was on the product and that was enough to arrest him.
      Pot comedian and stoner icon Tommy Chong of the classic Cheech and Chong movies was released from the Taft Correctional Facility in California on July 7, 2004.
As we reported back in September 2003, Tommy Chong was sent to prison for nine months, had to pay a fine of $20,000, and was forced to forfeit $120,000 in assets after being busted for selling mail order bongs.

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      Chong's business, Nice Dreams, was investigated during the Operation Pipe Dreams witch-hunt. Federal agents in Pittsburgh. One of only two states, which consider bongs themselves to be illegal…

So, why was he really arrested, when there are adds in Cannabis Culture and High Times magazines advertising their product with marijuana surrounding the product?

The government is trying to crack down on this issue and they needed someone famous to make an example of. (The drug war)
Water pipes.
This water pipe is thick and heavy for the clumsiest smoker. How do I know this, by look at this add. A huge...