Medical Marijuana

Marijuana, is it more than just a weed? Could it actually have medicinal benefits on the human body and be more than just a recreationally used drug? Why, yes it can! For decades, physicians and organizations have been studying the effects of marijuana use on the human body. I think marijuana is like anything else that could be abused. For example, alcohol, prescription drugs, and even food. However, I feel that the benefits from medicinal marijuana outweigh the risks associated with it. I have taken care of many patients’ who were going through chemotherapy and it’s not easy on the body. When one is nauseous, unable to eat, and just plain ill and dying, life is not all that great. So, when a pill called Marinol, (Dronabinol/THC pill) is given to one of these patients‘, you can actually see a difference for the better in his/her overall affect. Is that not worth a comfortable existence?
In 2010, The University of California’s Center for Medical Cannabis Research, announced the findings of their placebo controlled clinical trials. These studies conducted by the researchers assessed marijuana’s ability to reduce neuropathic pain. Such pain can be caused by cancer, diabetes mellitus, HIV/AIDS, spinal cord injuries, and other debilitating conditions. “Each of the clinical trials found that cannabis consistently reduced patients’ pain levels to a degree that was good or better than currently available medications.” (Armantano)
As good as some of the research sounds, medicinal marijuana use is still not for everyone. According to Paul Armantano, (Deputy Director NORML Foundation) adolescents, pregnant or nursing mother’s, anyone with a family history of mental illness, patients with hepatitis C, patients with decreased lung function (COPD), and heart disease or stroke are at a greater risk of experiencing an adverse side effect from marijuana. With this in mind, The United States Government classifies marijuana as a “Schedule-1 Drug“. (Drug Scheduling) Which means,...