Body Art


The passage “Body Art”, adapted from “Read and Reflect 2: Academic Reading Strategies AND Cultural Awareness” by Hari Loward , is about the growing trend of Body Art, for college students, and what makes this growing. The author cites the survey out of 500 college student, 60% of female student and 42% male student have piercing on their bodies. Also, 25% of those people have tattoos.   One student expresses that she has a lot of piercings and tattoos with a different way of wearing style because she loves body art, and she likes to shock people. Some experts discuss that people who have piercing and tattoos want to prove their differences from others, and to memorize unforgettable life event with the tattoos. As some people don’t know, piercings and tattoos are part of ancient tradition. However, people make changes on their body to show where they are belongs to or feel better themselves.
As we have been seeing in our life, people are carrying different kind of metal jewelry, “Piercing”. New Yorkers especially like tattoos even small or big with different designs. On the other hand, not just New Yorkers, of course other foreign people like it as well. Everyone can change whatever they want on their body, but it’s sometimes weird. For instance, an old lady over 70 or a man has tattoo all over his/her body, so it makes us to say that it looks weird on that person’s body. Sometimes, people can get infection from piercing, tattoo or while being in a plastic surgery. In addition to this, most of the time anything that we wish to be, never comes out the way we wanted. As an example for that, one of my friends had had plastic surgery for her lips. After six months had passed her lips became disgusting, and weird. In short, her lips disappeared. It was like there is a thin line on her face, so guess what happened? She regrets having the surgery. A lot of examples can be given. I know a case which is still open and is going on the media. That is about a...