Blood Type

hello! good afternoon!
I'm Jo Gyeongin. now, I'm going to start my presentation.

now, let me tell you characteristics of blood type.
every person has own blood type.
What is your blood type?
do you think that blood type can determine character?

This poster is motion picture that is B type boyfriend who was released on February 3, 2005. In this way, what is reason that blood type is becoming big issue on our society?

왜 내가 이런 주제를 택했을까?
in korea, blood type is becoming a big issue.
topic of blood type became main topic in conversation and media.
people in korea often like to form an opinion about one another depending on one's blood type. 그래서 나는 너희들에게 혈액형에 대한 사실을 알려주고 싶었다.

그래서 이번 발표를 통해 나는 너희들에게 각 혈액형별 특징을 알려줄것이다.

first, type of O. second, type of A third, type of B. fourth, type of AB

First, ones whose blood type O like to show off
they are greedy, lazy, ambitious and unique.
however, They are a trendsetter, loyal, passionate and self-confident.
Their weaknesses include vanity, jealousy and a tendency to be too competitive.
type of O usually want to be a leader,
and when they see something they want,
they keep striving until they achieve their goal.
Do you think so?  

다음으로 A형에 대해 알아보자.
And most distinguishing mark of type A is timidness. One whose blood type A is also calm, careful, thoughtful and perfectionist. besides, it's most alcoholic type. type of A like harmony, peace and organization. They work well with others and are sensitive, patient and affectionate. Among their weaknesses are stubbornness and an inability to relax.
And look at the type of B. blood type B's most distinguished mark   is selfishism and short temperness.
They like to express their emotions. In contrast to type A, they're very active.
There are more players in the type B pool. and They're a rugged individualist who's straightforward and likes to do things their own way. Creative and flexible, they adapt easily to any situation. However, their...