Examine and Discuss How Learning Theories and Strategies Impact on the Teaching and Learning of Number Related Activities in the Classroom.

In this essay I will discuss an activity implemented with year 5 classes which involved a number of mathematical and problem solving activities. The children were split into pairs and were given the task of independently solving as many problems as they could. In total, there were 30 activities laid out separately on tables in the school hall. The children were given answer sheets and in their pairs, were allowed to attempt any problem, in any order, with an aim of completing as many as possible.
The activities were varied and covered many areas of the curriculum including number systems, calculations, problem solving and data handling. All the activities were practical, hands on and required the children to analyse, interpret instructions and independently decide what course of action to take. Jean Piaget was a theorist who has dominated thought on the nature of children`s learning and thinking since the 1960`s. He was a constructivist, and constructivists believe that children learn by doing, and that children need to experiment actively with materials in the real world to develop thought. This activity supports that theory as the children experimented with the activities independently, and decided themselves which approach to take. Some of the word problems involved real world objects, for example, real letters in envelopes, and parcels were used in an activity where the children were asked to calculate how much posting costs would be to different destinations. The children had to use a chart to seek their information and weigh the packages on scales. It is this type of learning experience, that Piaget believed truly informs a childs learning, as they are having practical experience within their learning.
The adults` role was to observe and to check answers when a child decided they had fulfilled a task. All of the activities were at various levels, and targeted different areas of the curriculum, and by analysing the children`s answer sheets we were able...