Black Elite

The Black Elite in American History

It has been said that the Black elite in America can be traced all the way back to the days of slavery.   When some slaves arrived to America they were already skilled in many of the skills that would push them ahead of their white counterparts.   A few blacks got into the middle class society by attending black institutions of learning such as: Howard, Fisk, Morehouse and Atlanta Universities. These historically black universities educated many and allowed blacks to better integrate into society.  
Religious beliefs were also different from the norm for the black elite.   The black often joined the Episcopal Church or the Congregational Church.   The elite attended these two churches because there were not any other blacks attending them.   The black elite often separated themselves from the blacks.   There were groups that were by invitation only like the Jack and Jill group.   The Jack and Jill group was a group that helped families and their children to meet other elite families that wanted better education and community services that would help improve their quality of life.   They had private summer camps and parks.   The parents of the black elite were often doctors, lawyers, teachers, and dentists.
The black elite often wanted the best education possible for their children. For this reason many families sent their children to only private schools. When the children were ready for college, they moved off to attend as I stated to Howard, Morehouse, and Fisk University. Spelman University was also a popular institution. Howard University has been popular for generations, with many students being of third or fourth generation alumni. Judge Henry Kennedy, of the superior court of Washington stated "When I was growing up here, Howard was an indicator of reaching the top." (Pg. 67)
Spelman University was the first university established for black women in the late 1800's.   It was mandatory for every student to attend church...