Black Baloon

Essay Question: How is the Australian culture explored in your set text?
The Black Balloon composed by Ellisa Down, explores the Australian culture through the typical nuclear family living in the suburbs of NSW, however this family is dealing with a disable teenager (Charlie). Also the lifestyle, language, culture and traditions of Australiana are conveyed through the music, characters, costume and setting.  
At the beginning of the film, where the family had just moved to their new home, Down utilise close up of Thomas face introducing him to the audience as the protagonist of the film and suggesting that the film is about is about “Thomas Stuff”.   Diagetic sounds are also utilised where the radio is discussing a cricket match exploring the Australian culture, as cricket is a popular national sport played in Australia
Furthermore, the composer makes use of Misen-en-scene to portray the full story and is taken during sunny day where Charlie is present, tapping a wooden spoon on the floor representing his autistic condition. The nosy young neighbours are on their bikes watching the family which represents the neighbours always criticising the family and Thomas and Simon are carrying a baby bed into the house which shows that Meg (mother) is pregnant. Down seeks to explore the Australian culture through the green grass in contrast to the sunny day symbolising that all year around the weather is of diverse conditions in Australia.
Moreover, at the beginning of the film, the audience do not see Charlie as a result the constant tapping of a wooden spoon on the floor comes across as almost indigenous. Also, the sound of the birds along with this tapping introduces diagtic sounds to the audience and Down to introduce the responder to the setting. As a result Australia is explored, in additions to an establishing shot as a hot and sunny place. Additionally the music played (non-digetic sounds) within the each scene of the film are all Australian thus explores the...