COPRO-3 (Computer Programming 3 - C# Programming) Bachelor of Science in Information Technology 2A & 2B PREFINAL Arrays Arrays  Collection of data elements of the same type that are referred together by a common name.  Acts like grouped variables which enable to store many values in a single array variable.  Individual variable in an array is accessed through a subscript or an index.  Subscript  Also called index  A number which specifies the number of items (elements) within an array  By default, its value starts with 0, so the value of last element is one less than the total element in an array.

Elements of an Array Array Name: A valid variable name for the structure Subscript or Index: A value that refers to a particular array element Element: An individual data item within an array. Single-Dimensional Array  One-dimensional array  An array with element identified by a single subscript  Stores only single set of data. Multidimensional Array  Also known as array of arrays because its element are arrays  Used to hold pair of even triplets of values  Two-Dimensional Array  Also called as rectangular array  A multidimensional array with two upper subscript  Has two indices where: first index identifies the row; second index identifies the column.


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COPRO-3 (Computer Programming 3 - C# Programming) Bachelor of Science in Information Technology 2A & 2B  Jagged Array  An array where each row has different length  Allows grouping a few arrays of different sizes into single array.

Declaring an Array  Declared with the name of the array, size is the last element in array, and type is the data type that can be stored in the array  Basic syntax for declaring single-dimensional array: Syntax: type[]array-name = new type[size]; Example int[]Arr = new int[10];  Basic syntax for declaring two-dimensional array: Syntax: type[][]array-name = new type[size_row][size_col]; Example int[][]grade = new int[5][10];


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