Biography of Allan Pinkerton

Biography of Allan Pinkerton

Angelina M Schott



Jan 18, 2015

      Allan Pinkerton was born on August, 25, 1819 in Scotland. Allan’s father was a police sergeant, but died unfortunately, when Allan was very young. In Scotland Allan worked as a cooper, a cooper is someone that makes or repair wooden barrels and tubes. Later on in Allan’s young life he found himself involved in Chartism, this led to an arrest warrant to be issued for Allan. Pinkerton fled to the United States in 1842 and settled down in the city of Chicago. Allen Pinkerton stayed in Chicago for only a short while, he eventually moved to a town called Dundee. Dundee is located in a county called Kane where he started his own cooper shop. Allan was asked to do occasional jobs for the Kane county sheriff office and became very good at detective work and tracking down criminals. The Kane county sheriff department eventually hired Pinkerton as a deputy sheriff.

      At the age of 35, Allan Pinkerton worked for the Chicago, Cook County Sheriff's Department as a deputy. In addition Allan Pinkerton was contracted with the federal government to investigate numerous fraudulent and criminal activities, such as counterfeiting, protecting the post office from robbery, and special operations assignments that involved detective work. In 1855 six Midwestern railroad representatives contacted Pinkerton offering him 10 thousand dollars for his professional service to organize and develop a special police unit specifically for protecting the railroad investment. Later this special police unit became known as the "North West Police Agency" (Bio True Story, 2008). During this time public law enforcement officials were having a great deal of trouble maintaining a secure-safe level of order and peace throughout most of the communities because of the increasing crime rates. Public law enforcements inability to protect and serve...