Biography Linda de Mol

Linda de Mol

Name: Meta Speksnijder
Student number: 470168
Class: 1MEM904B
Course: TIB
Assignment: Written 2: Biography
Date: September 22th, 2009


      Margaretha de   Mol, better known as Linda de Mol, was born on July 8, 1964 in Hilversum. She is the daughter of John de Mol, who was a famous singer. She’s also the sister of John de Mol junior, who is the owner of the Dutch television company ‘Talpa’. The television career of Linda de Mol started when she was very young. At the age of twelve she hosted a television program named: ‘Wat je zegt ben je zelf’ for AVRO. This program was made by children. After Linda finished high school, she studied law for a few years. She didn’t finish it, because she started working for Sky Channel.
      It was her brother John de Mol who convinced Linda to work in the television industry. At the time she studied law and did some work for Sky Channel. John asked her: ‘What do you want to reach in this business? Are you just dancing around in the disco every weekend? Or are you really involved in conferences? And do you want to learn how to direct a program?’ (15 april 2000, de Volkskrant, door Cornald Maas). This was something she had never really thought about. That was a turning point for her. She wanted to be more than just a host.
      Linda signed her first contract with the TROS in 1987. During this period, she hosted her own television program named ‘Linda’ and several other quiz programs.
Her first really big success was the television program ‘Love Letters’, which she hosted from 1992 until 1995. Three love couples are competing against each other in this show to win a wedding. This was actually the first emotional television program in Holland. Before ‘All you need is love’ and ‘Het spijt me’. For the first time, couples told each other in camera, that they loved each other. And they even got married in the show! Her brother John de Mol said once: ‘People dare to tell certain things in...