Biobraphy Charles Darwin


Charles Robert Darwin was born in the city of Shrewsbury, England on the 12th of February 1809. The son of Dr Robert Waring Darwin(son of   Erasmus Darwin a poet, philosopher, and a naturalist who had written two books, The Botanic Garden and Zoonomia, recording his scientific views)and Susannah Darwin he was the younger of the two sons and the fourth child for the couple. From his birth, Charles had the zeal for nature of his grandfather in his blood. His father, Robert, influenced him in a much more tangible way. His mother, who had a hobby of raising pigeons, died when he was eight. The naturalist interests of Erasmus Darwin, the discipline of Robert Darwin, and the absence of Susannah Darwin influenced Darwin in his early life.
Darwin’s early education was conducted at Shrewsbury, first for a year at a day-school, then for seven years at Shrewsbury School under Dr Samuel Butler (1774—1839). He gained but little from the narrow system which was then universal. “Nothing could have been worse for the development of my mind than Dr. Butlerís school, as it was strictly classical, nothing else being taught except a little ancient geography and history ”
In 1825 he went to Edinburgh to prepare for the medical profession, for which he was unfitted by nature. Charles succumbed to his father’s wishes and left the boarding school at age sixteen to study medicine at Edinburgh University. Once again, Darwin found pleasures doing things other than his studies. Instead of witnessing gruesome surgeries, Charles found it much more interesting to attend lectures on geology, learn how to stuff birds and animals, and visit his Uncle Josiah Wedgwood in the rural area surrounding Shrewsbury. In 1828 sent him to Cambridge with the idea that he should become a clergyman. He matriculated at Christ’s College, and took his degree in 1831, tenth in the list of those who do not seek honors. Charles’s life was reoriented, and he was thrown into something he did...