Darwin vs Creationism

Darwin reads the Bible
Darwinism has been butting heads with creationism for decades.   Darwinism is a theory on the way the world would began through mass evolution, whereas creationism argues that some form of God or deity created the universe as though just waving a magical wand. The main difference between the two arguments is where each gathers their evidence. Darwinism is based on logical theories and hard science while creationism bases its logic on faith and beliefs of the unknown. Creationism is an invalid argument that should not stand in the way of evolutionism.
Darwinism follows scientific principles through logical theories.   Charles Darwin (left) creditor of Darwinism; explains how a gross amount of time and a process called natural selection is responsible for modern day evolution. In the beginning of the world two atoms would collide creating the universe as it is today through millions of years of experimentation and species growth, coupled with the concept of natural selection a selection that chooses a random species and instills a new trait into that particular species genetics. For example, an animal growing wings would pass that trait to the next offspring while the others in the pack that did not grow wings would eventually die (allaboutscience). The strong survive because they can adopt. Another example of natural selection is monkeys, which are the most similar mammal to humans, evolving into the human species. The concept is natural selection but the process is survival of the fittest; the strongest have progressed through
millennia and have brought us to today where humans are the rulers of the world and control virtually every aspect of life. This will continue until Mother Nature randomly selects a new species to rival humans and best human kind and thus the circle of life continues. Right shows Charles Darwin depicted as a monkey reflected by ideas about monkeys and evolution.
Creationism is based on practices in theology....