Billy Elliot Essay
Individuals venturing into new worlds may encounter obstacles, but may also gain significant rewards. Explain how your prescribed text and one other related text of your own choosing explores this concept.
Growing up is a complex procedure which individuals have to face. Individuals, society and family form obstacles which must be overcome. The process of transitioning into a world is inclined by individuals and the consequences that may be walked positively or negatively. The film ‘Billy Elliot ‘by Stephany Daldry and the song “ Fast car” by Tracy Chapman establishes these obstacles. Billy’s surrounding is packed with stereotypes and expectations which makes it challenging for Billy’s to transition to his desired world of music and dance. It is a dense process which has both positive and negative concerns that he illustrates the significance of expressing yourself to all audience. Comparatively, the soundtrack ‘Fast Car’ by Tracy Chapman presents the need for the protagonist to transition from an undesired to a desired world which she hoped for. Both texts effectively exhibit the need to have support from a parent to make the movement as one is growing up into another world.
The significance to overcome obstacles is put forward by individuals in order to grow up and transition into a desired world.   Daldry uses diegetic sound of the piano to portray Billy’s great passion for the music industry. However, Billy’s music career is restricted as showed in the line ‘leave it’ to create a sense of fear for Billy to let go of his beliefs and traditions. Billy’s father makes it more challenging for him to transition into his desired world. Furthermore, it endorses his intolerance as he slams the piano. This scene is juxtaposed with his previous family as the camera pans to the photograph of his family then zooms into his mother face. This constitutes the loss of his mother which made the process of overcoming barriers more difficult. Billy is not...