Billy Elliot

Imagine you are speaking in the School Hall to an audience of Year 11. You are introducing the idea of what will be expected of them in Year 12 when they are working for the Area of study “Belonging”.
Topic of your speech is:
“The other side of being able to belong is being excluded.”
You must explain how these ideas are represented in your main text and one related text
The Area of study of belonging is studied when completing the HSC. To complete the English course in the HSC, students must study the perceptions and ideas of belonging.
To belong is to fit or be accepted in a particular place or environment. This sense to belong can emerge from the connection made with people, places, groups, communities and even the larger world.
I have studied the texts “The Namesake” and “Billy Elliot” in the first semester of Year 12. These texts have giving me some ideas about the perceptions of belonging. But also I have questioned “What happens when you do not belong to a particular place, environment or group”, instead you are unable to fit in or be accepted in the larger world.
I feel that everyone has a place where they belong but just has not discovered it yet. All the people that are being excluded for these places are belonging in some way. I think that “The other side of being able to belong is being excluded.
Belonging is a journey that is taken by individual for the formation of their own set of values and beliefs excluding themselves from community to seek their own place in the larger world. This is represented in both texts “Namesake” and “Billy Elliot” through .............
The “Namesake” by Jhumpa Lahiri is about a cross cultural, multi-generation story of a Bengali family’s journey to self acceptance in Boston. The Ganguli family experience the...