Bicycle vs Elliptical

The Bicycle vs The Elliptical

It is almost winter season, so I have to plan indoor cardio workouts for my clients. Almost every gym, at least have one bicycle machine, and one elliptical machine. My clients have different goals, but I have put them in the same fat loss program. Although both machines are great; I believe the elliptical is better for my client's goals.

For some people, sweating and feeling a racing heart is a good workout. The bicycle and the elliptical achieves this result. While the movements are different for both, the resistances are about the same. Both machines are almost found in every gym and their numbers are about equal. They are also a great time filler for those who are just doing maintenance rather than weight loss or fat loss.

The bicycle is one of the most hugged machines in the gym, second to the ab machine. Veteran gym rats call the bicycle, 'the lazy man's workout',. Although it makes a person sweat, it barely races the heart. If done properly, the bicycle can be as challenging as dumbbell pressing heavy weights. The bicycle targets mainly the lower body, stresses the knees and secondly the core. The fact that it actives the entire abdomen does not mean that it is a spot toning exercise; this supports the fact that bicycle users are mostly old people. A defined core is achieved through proper rest, diet, and exercise. The bicycle however, can help achieve this. Since it is cardiovascular, the machine can lead to the burning or visceral fat (belly fat).

The elliptical is a wonderful machine. It is a little more challenging than the bicycle, however, it is better for achieving weight loss and fat loss. It feels like running except the movement is more of a stride and has less impact on the knees.. Not only it helps burn fat, but it can tone the body at the same time. The reason for this is because of the resistance built in it. The handles give the user an option to do a full body workout. When the body uses both...