Best Friends

Best Friends
I believe in true friendship.   A true friend is a bit more special than a good friend.   A true friend will support you even if it hurts their own interest.   A true friend will understand your motives and needs and will be there without scrutiny or criticism.   They come forward to help without demands and expect nothing in return.   A true friend is loyal and gives their self unconditionally.  
People need loyal friends as a support system.   Loyal, according to (Webster) states: “faithful especially to a cause or ideal” loyal and trustworthy friends are those who can be trusted to be honest whenever called upon.  
My childhood years had no room for friends, only abuse and dysfunction.   My life would be empty and unfulfilled until after my father’s death.   However, the entrance of Junior High would be a great turn in my life.   It would only be then; the most powerful meeting of a young lady would have a remarkable impact upon my life forever.   My best friend, Kathy, was a blessing sent to me from the heavenly angels above. Kathy was a breath of fresh air, an exotic rose bud.   She would be my companion through good times, and bad. Through tears and laughter, standing beside me as only a true friend would do.   “Together forever, never apart” is what we believed.   Until the day unthinkable, the unknown tragedy would come and consume my life with tears and sadness. Like dark clouds hovering over skyscrapers, would hover my heart for all eternity.  

Kathy taught me the meaning of loyalty and respect.   The two of us had total respect for each other and therefore, giving each other inspiration to live, and love.   Our friendship would continue to grow stronger as time passed into something beautiful and powerful through the years.   High school would test our friendship to the truest depths, conquering tragedies together.  
We lived together, worked together and played together, never apart from each other’s side.   We were like “peas and carrots.”...