Benji Watson

Discussion Board Post 1
Business Ethics
Robert Dunaway
Liberty University

BUSI 561 D 10 Legal Issues In Business
Dr. Sergio Gregorio
March 24, 2013

The subject of this case study is Benji Watson, a successful graduate from Liberty University, who is in the job market and receiving offers from several national corporations. One company in particular, New Gen Health Sciences is a manufacturer and seller of health products. The case study provides information related to a recent invitation and visit to the company’s headquarters for a weekend event. The purpose of this document is to examine, from a biblical and ethical point of view, the information given in the provided case study and then give advice on whether he should sign the contract or not. The advice will be based upon several areas of observation related to corporate culture, core values of integrity and honesty, and finally strategically ethics verses real ethics. We will first take a look a corporate culture.
Corporate Culture
“Corporate culture refers to the shared values, attitudes, standards, and beliefs that characterize members of an organization and define its nature.”(Burton) An organization’s corporate culture is engrained in their objectives, policies, and their methods of handling their employees, clients, stockholders and their local community. While waiting on his flight to Seattle, Benji uncovered online documents showing New Gen’s management and company policies did not invoke a positive image to him in relation to company practices and policies.
In his critique on virtue ethics, John Dobson states that a company tries to appear ethical and virtuous but it is only done to promote goodwill within the community. (Dobson, 2005) On the surface, New Gen promotes themselves as a company with a culture being concerned for promoting a healthier America. From information gleaned from the internet and what Benji was told at this event, they are more concerned with...