Benefits of Socialing for the Elderly

The term ‘day services’ covers a diverse range of services and activities,
which cater for a variety of people and needs, and serve
a number of different
purposes most of which are broadly preventive including:providing social contact and stimulation; reducing isolation and loneliness maintaining and/or restoring independence
providing a break for carers
offering activities which provide mental and physical stimulation enabling care and monitoring of very frail and vulnerable older people offering low
level support for older people at risk
assisting recovery and rehabilitation after an illness or accident
providing care services such as bathing and nail cutting
promoting health and nutrition providing opportunities for older people to contribute as well as receive.
These aims can be achieved   in a number of different ways.
What distinguishes day services is that they are delivered out
side people’s own homes and are   generally building
based. The term ‘day opportunities’ is often used to cover a wider range of activities which may or may not be building   based.

While physical activity is needed to maintain a healthy lifestyle, social activities play an important part also. Everyone, no matter their age, needs some type of social life. Socialization for the elderly is just as important as it is for the younger generation. When seniors socialize, they enrich their lives. There are many benefits for seniors that come from socializing.
When the elderly are living away from family, they still do need friends and companions. Having someone to talk with, share a meal with, and having outside interests helps seniors have happier and healthier lives. It helps them feel loved, supported, and needed. The connections to people and activities give seniors a purpose and something to look forward to. It keeps them from feeling isolated and alone. Social activities help the elderly stay mentally sharp as well.
Activities including games, walking,...