Benefits of Excercise

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Being healthy is one of my main priorities in my life.   I am always looking for different approaches on maintaining a healthy lifestyle.   Having a stable workout routine benefits me greatly.   I personally have been practicing certain techniques and styles for over four years.   The outcome has been greatly visible to my friends and family.   I am often asked by many what we do in order to maintain a healthy and stress-free lifestyle.   It is not simple, but with the proper motivation and knowledge, living a happy and successful life is achievable.   I cannot stress enough the importance of staying fit.   There are many things we can do to live a long and healthy life and physical fitness is the key to be able to achieve a happy and prosperous life and in this research paper we will look at the benefits and risks of achieving this lifestyle.
In the book, “Fitness Hollywood” by Kelli Roberts, the author discusses the importance of maintaining a good nutrition.   It is very important that you carefully watch what you eat and drink on a daily basis.   Kelli goes on and mentions that water is needed because it provides a fluid medium for chemical reactions in the body, the circulation of blood, and the removal of waste.   “ Always keep a large bottle on hand whenever you work out, especially during endurance-type activities; take a good gulp every fifteen minutes or so.” (Roberts, 1995, pg.60)   Protein is also very important for your diet.   According to Roberts, males eat way too much of it, while females eat very little.   Females tend to stick to carbohydrates and fruit instead.   When protein is digested, it is then converted into amino acids.   These amino acids are used for repairing and building muscles, hair, red blood cells, and other tissues.   Too much protein in your diet does more harm than good.   It places strain on the kidneys and...