How Wind Power Benefits Human Beings

Benefits of wind power to human beings


      Energy is one of the issues that are generating a lot of heat on the world stage right now. Plunkett (p.18) argues that nuclear energy is becoming more appealing to a number of nations that have developed nuclear programs which apparently aids for energy production. There are concerns that oil which is the major source of energy currently may be dwindling. Frequent disruptions due to war and other conflict are not helping the situation either. It has brought about the urgency to look for alternatives. On the other hand clean energy campaigns have recently gained momentum especially with concerns that carbon fuels are polluting the environment (Paraschivoiu, p.42). US president Obama has been a vocal advocate of the clean energy campaign and it has been one of his goals in the US.

      Clean energy debates are raging but at least both critics and advocates do agree on one thing-that the need for clean and renewable energy is real and necessary. Renewable energy includes geothermal, hydro water electricity, solar power and wind energy. Decrease in pressure in geysers that supply the hot steam for geothermal energy and the unreliable precipitation patterns have combined to make geothermal and hydropower a little unreliable. That leaves the option of going solar or wind. Japan has been a leader taping solar energy while at the same time maintaining high standards of energy efficiency and conservation.

Wind power has been tapped in many places in the world like Germany and Kenya. But its real potential is yet to be realized as not much investment has been devoted into that. Therefore there is every reason to believe that wind energy is the next big frontier in terms of energy exploration.

      There is a lot of energy to be tapped that can be harnessed to provide for the ever growing deficit especially in developing countries. All aspects that have to do with wind energy will be explored and the...