Benefit of Fedex

Benefits of FedEx

Benefits of using FedEx Express for your important international express parcels are on-time express parcel delivery or your money back, most environmentally friendly, more destinations, easy to use shipment paperwork, free packaging, call Customer Services centres throughout the world, proof of delivery on every invoice and effective and fast customs clearance system.
On-time express parcel delivery or your money back means parcel delivery will be always delivered timely. If not, customers will get money back guarantee. Besides, FedEx has the highest percentage of environmentally friendly vehicles among the major carries. FedEx Express has ship to more than 220 countries and territories worlwide.
The benefit that customer will get when using FedEx Home Delivery is convenient Saturday and evening delivery options. FedEx Home Delivery let customers choose the best day for delivery from Tuesday until Saturday and provide a truly helpful service by letting customers choose delivery between 5 and 8 p.m. on the scheduled day of delivery even on Saturday. Besides, FedEx Home Delivery also let customers decide the day and time they want to receive their package.
FedEx also has a savings program tailored to their customers. Save up to 32% on eligible FedEx Express services and up to 11% on eligible FedEx Ground and FedEx Home Delivery services when they use FedEx electronic shipping solutions. The more they ship, the better they earned discounts are for FedEx Express and FedEx Ground package shipments.
Others benefits of FedEx for customer are save time and reduce errors with an online address book that stores up to 2000 addressses, send shipment and delivery information automatically via email to multiple parties and prepare shipping labels 24 hours and seven days anywhere there is an internet connection.
In FedEx, customers are able to keep track on the information and they can estimate the time for receiving the goods . Customers are able...