Ben Franklin

For the past two hundred years Benjamin Franklin has been taught within classrooms as the man who redefined our future. The man who looked at the past and decided to create a new way to live. We call him an example of social mobility and individualism. Although there are those few doubters who disagree with the idea of Mr.Fanklin creating such a movement; there are those who agree that if such a man was not an individualist that our dear country would not have been created. I am one of those people that put trust into the idea of Benjamin creating such a foundation. He stuck to raw morals, basic ideas, and the knowledge of persuasive speeches.
Benjamin Franklin published a book called Poor Richard, this book contained morals that Benjamin decided was proper to live by. He himself lived by these phrases and with that he was a very successful man. When he published these different morals, people started to realize who he was and started to look at him as a very respectable and trustworthy man. Mr. Franklin than became known as a place to look upon for leadership during hard times within the country and colonies.
The basic ideas within life have to deal with what are most valuable to that individual human during their experience. Benjamin Franklin tried to enhance and encourage people to look for goals and ways to help their colony. When war would hit and other hard struggles, Benjamin would ask for the union and the prospect of the setting priorities. This encouragement set up for the future for the country and colony to gather the ideas of everyone and set goals of how to become a better territory.
For people to listen to you during speeches you need to have persuasion. This important element creates the ability to control your audiences’ emotions and thoughts. When Mr. Franklin would explain his thoughts or views of how something should be done, he used this very key aspect to get his thought superior compared to others. In many different situations...