Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin: An Extraordinary Life,   An Electric Mind.

Benjamin Franklin is a man of many qualities and characteristics.   He was known as an inventor, scientist, composer, a visionary, organizer, philosopher, a father, and a friend.   Just to state a few.   I believe that the main thesis of this movie was to show the world that a man with a   mind to change the world can accomplish great things.   Ben Franklin believed that volunteering together in cooperation could accomplish great things.   He put to practice what he believed   and what he preached.   Because of his belief in a “greater good” he helped influence this country in extraordinary ways.
He believed that human logic could unlock the mysteries of the natural world.   This he proved with his many inventions, changing the world forever.   His inventions were the result of trying to solve common, everyday problems.   According to Ben his inventions were for the use of all.   One of his most famed inventions, The Lighting Rod, has been a great instrument in our lives today.   In fact I think that much of our technology today is a result of Franklins studies and inventions.
He was a philosopher.   One of the most notable things, I believe,   is that Benjamin Franklin wrote everything down.   His thoughts, letters, and inventions.   I believe that this man never stopped thinking of how to make this world a better place.   His studies were not limited.   He was constantly learning and expanding his knowledge.   If he wanted to know how something worked or how to make it better he studied it and then improved it.
Besides   his inventions and writings he was an ideal citizen.   He said, “A good example is the best sermon.”   When in France he quickly put himself into society and became a famous man among them.   He did good to others and therefor gained trust and friendships that would eventually help in gaining treaties with France. He improved the world by establishing libraries, volunteer fire departments, public...