Before this area of study my understanding of belonging was very limited. I found that one’s perception of belonging or of not belonging can vary and is shaped through different contexts. These perceptions are shaped differently whether it is personal, cultural,
Historical and social contexts. A sense of belonging can emerge from connections made with people, places, groups, communities and the larger world. Humans have an inherent desire to belong and to be a part of something greater than themselves. The text “The Simple
Gift”, written by Steven Herrick, demonstrates elements of belonging which are shaped through connections made with others and the places that they live. Another demonstration of belonging is the Visual text ‘Yellow duck’ taken by Ray Simpson which
Displays others elements of belonging such as connections made through different groups and races. In The text ‘The Simple Gift’ written by Steven Herrick, Old Bill, a former lawyer, lost his sense of belonging to anything or anyone because of the tragic loss of his
Daughter Jesse and his wife. These events left Old Bill jobless, homeless and alone as he no longer felt a sense of belonging. This demonstrates how quickly ones sense of belonging can be changed, leaving them feeling as though they have nothing. His dependence on alcohol to help remove and
Shield his feelings shows the grief that Old Bill is going through. It causes him more grief to remember what he has lost, more than he can handle, so he has to ‘Get so drunk / I sleep for days. / I sleep, and / I don’t dream’ the use of repetition and hyberbole show the way that
Old Bill has lost basic human functions such as dreaming, because he didn’t want to dream as it would bring back important memories he once shared with his family and his home. Leaving him feeling as though he has nothing to live for.
Old Bill then finds hope again through his connection with billy. Incidentally his first interaction with billy is with a gift and is...