From the other side of the station I could hear the screeching of the train wheels coming to a stop, with the last shreds of energy and strength I had left in my body; I began to run.
Just slipping through the closing doors I could feel my heart rate racing at speeds it had forgotten. It’d been a long time since I’d run for the train, and this would be the last time. It was definitely not something I was going to miss.
Finding a seat, I let my body relax, leaned my head against the window and watching my surroundings become one big blur, I let my heavy lids shut with the exhaustion they had been accumulating over all these years. I was looking forward to more days like this.   Where I wouldn’t have a care in the world other then dinner or when I would have the next family gathering. In the future seemed all too easy…
It wasn’t until I felt a jolt, that I realised I had been asleep, in a deep sleep too. Looking out the window it was then I noticed that the station name I was looking at was unfamiliar…I’d never even heard of a place called sdfs let alone the next stop which was being announced as sdfds. I felt a sinking feeling inside me as I came to the conclusion that I was going the wrong way. What was more, as I went to check my watch to find out how much time I had actually wasted, I found the hands in a stationary position of quarter to seven. At least this explained how I could’ve been late after thirty years of such strict timekeeping.
I’d most likely have to get off at the next stop, sdfss I think? Then catch a train all the way back to oksdf. However, my plans and thoughts were interrupted by one sound.
I felt a jolt a lot larger than the one I had experienced earlier as my body was thrown violently forward into the steps in front of me. In an effort to keep some dignity, I picked myself up and smoothed over my disgruntled jeans and took the nearest seat to prevent the same thing from happening. But sadly, the train that seemed full...