Area of studies: Skrzynecki Poetry
Poem: Feliks Skrzynecki
Synopsis:   Illustrates aspects of the migrant experience within Australia and the difficulties of assimilation for the older generation. His father has made a good life in Australia but can’t be Australian because his identity is polish. This poem shows the immigrants isolation in a different country and his attempts to deal with it and remain positive. Feliks loves his garden and keeps to himself, due to language barriers of communication. Personal description of his father shows lack of common ground and his growing away from his father and polish heritage. The poem is about peters efforts at assimilation and his father’s lack thereof.  
Link to Belonging:   The poem explores ideas about cultural belonging and the difficulty of creating feelings of belonging.   Feliks can’t feel at ease in the new country, spiritually he still belongs to the country that shaped him. Highlights tension between peter and Feliks because of their different feeling to Poland. Peter is willing to assimilate and surrender his heritage. Idea of family belonging, there is a clear affection and respect for Feliks despite the conflict.
Technique | Quote/s | Explanation of meaning |
Imagery (descriptive language) | Alert, brisk and silent, He swept its paths... | Feliks takes pride in looking after his garden, shows strong connection to new home in Australia. He feels a sense of belonging in his garden. |
Hyperbole | He swept its pathsTen times around the world | Shows that as long as Feliks’s garden is neat and tidy he will survive, it’s his place of refuge. |
Third person | His polish friends... | Sign that peter is becoming more Australian and Feliks staying polish. The distance between father and son growing. |
Metaphor | After that, like a dumb prophet...Further and further south of Hadrian’s wall | This shows the growing distance between Peter and Feliks as Peter assimilates to the Australian way were...