It was Saturday night and i was getting all my cloth ready for tomorrow for church because we have to get up quite early at 8 o'clock, which is quite early on the weekends. As i was sitting in the room relaxing my phone got a message from our Sunday school leader saying to everyone that there is an outing tomorrow to Huxton park and there will be a BBQ.
I got very excited because in outings we play games and we have food, we usually go on an outing once every month.
The next day i went to church as normal in the morning and than after the church had finished we all walked out and all the teachers came to us and said to us that we are meeting in-front of the church gate after 20 minutes. After 15 minutes me and my friends went out to the gate and we saw all the kids of the church outside waiting for the bus to come.
When we arrived at the venue we were all excited o start the day and have some fun and games, The teachers said to us to wait for a little while for all the balls to come and the food and drinks so we all started to talk together, all of us sitting at one table. Nearly 30 people sitting in a 8 seater seat. When we where all sitting and talking i got the feeling that we are a real family and that we are like cousins or even closer.
10 minutes later the food, games and drinks came and all the kids that wanted to play a ball game came to the grass area and we all started to play, our team was winning due to one advantage the other team lacked which was communication between us and including everyone in the game even though if the person your passing the ball was not very good in the game. The game we were playing was soccer and I am not very good at it and when i get the ball i usually lose it to the other team and then I get a feeling that I really belong because my team mates would cheer me on and tell me its ok and that I done good.
We were winning by 3 goals and the other team realised that they were doing something wrong,...