My understanding of into the world is expressed in the novel Tom brennan as it changes in setting which promotes a new view on life and new opportunies and expierences for tom.
Qoute from J.C burke   “part of toms journey is being forced to see situations and people as they really are not as he thought they were”.   J.C Burke uses a small town environment to create a more intense and dramatic atmosphere.   On page 254 chapter 18 the brennan family recognise their social obligation. An example of the familys change- they have grown from the expierence and are now becoming socially catatonic   meaning stationary. Chapter 18 tom takes personal responsibility for his sitution and from that acceptance he grows emotionally and mentally. He faces   the reality that fin is now the brennans family responsibility.   Fin is a visible remainder of the consequences of an action and that theree are some things that you have to face in life   which are painful but you are obligated to deal with them for   the sake of others.   Tom accepts that adversity can be overcome. Tom is aware of his own journey/ transistor into the world after being cast into the shadows by his brothers actions. This awareness is influenced by those around him.   It is through toms eyes   that the ramifications of daniels actions are revealed. Daniel is introduced through other characters creating emotional distance from the person who has caused the tradegy that over whelms the brennan family. Daniel is the catalyst for change. Our understanding of daniel that we see him   as a combination of strong and weak,likeable and thugish.

The door
'Opening the door', looking beyond ones own narrow existence and considering other worlds and lives can give a new perspective on ones own problems. It also indicates a passing of time. In the second stanza of the poem there is an unusual mixture of sights presented which may lie behind the door suggesting the idea that anything is possible. The adjective 'magic' adds colour...