First contact is a documentary which documents the journey of 6 outspoken Australians with little knowledge about aboriginals who are challenged over a period of 28 days to express their negative and ignorant perceptions also the prejudicial attitudes that are often directed towards Indigenous Australians throughout the series.
Consider your reaction to the text
First contact made me feel guilty; this is conveyed through some characters judging a book (the aboriginals) by there covers. It also makes me faith in humanity as the 6 reveal their immature behavior and disgusting language against the Aboriginals.
What are the characters perceptions of their belonging?
Some of the characters chose not to belong because they had negative perceptions towards Indigenous Australians, they didn’t want to be like them because they are inferior to them.
What are the characters experience and notions of?
Identity:   Sandy is a 41 year old mother of 5 from Newcastle, she is a successful business woman who had very little contact with Aboriginal people. Sandy’s perception of belonging is negative because she thinks she is smarter than them when she says ‘ when it comes to brains, white people have a better gene ‘.
Relationship: Sandy hasn’t really formed a relationship as her immaturity gets in the way. Sandy when she met Margaret at the Elcho Art Centre with Alice she says ‘I met Margaret last night and I didn’t know she was this incredible artist’. After seeing Margarats art work, her perspective changes about the aboriginals.
Acceptance: Sandy who likes to pre-judge a lot of the Indigenous Australians prevents her from accepting the aboriginal culture initially wanting to engage in new experiences has stopped when she leaves in episode 2.
Understanding: Sandy didn’t give herself the chance to understand what they go through and gain more knowledge about Aboriginals. Sandy always chose not to belong with the group and contribute with the...