Jasper jones: jasper jones is one of the main characters in the book “jasper jones”.   Jasper jones is an aboriginal and in the book, is perceived by the town of Corrigan as a thug.   “He’s a Thief, a Liar, a Thug, a Truant. He’s lazy and unreliable.” The use of capitalisation gives meaning to the book to emphasis to the racist description that the town of Corrigan has given to jasper jones. At the start of the book, jasper jones knocks on the window of Charlie Bucktin. Jasper asks for help in finding and solving the mystery of who murdered his best friend, Laura Wishart. He also makes Charlie promise to keep the death of Laura a secret. “Don’t go yet, Charlie. Please, mate? I need you to help me. I dunno what else to do. I really don’t. Im real sorry. I really am.” The repetitious use of first person perspective allows the responder to see the desperation that jasper has in getting Charlie to help jasper out with this particular event. It also shows a certain degree of trust that jasper jones has on Charlie to keep this murder case a secret. Later on in the story, Jasper has revealed to Charlie that he and Laura Wishart were planning to move out of Corrigan for good. “Because we were gonna go together. We were gonna get out. She wouldn’t have left without me. We had it planned and everything.” The use of repetition shows the responder that Jasper had planned long before to leave Corrigan with Laura. Jasper towards the end of the book, finally ran away from Corrigan for good. It was unknown if he had ever returned or where he had gone. Jasper also had a dead mother and a father who pretty much did nothing.
Charlie Bucktin: Charlie is one of the main characters on the book “jasper jones” Charlie is a young boy who enjoys reading books, spending time with his friend Jeffery Lu as well has a crush on one of the other main characters in the book, Eliza Wishart. Charlie is introduced into the book right at the start when a boy who is...