Belonging Story

His eyes scanned the dim empty room, trying to focus on something to keep his mind off recent troubles.
A knock on the door broke him out of his trance. “Ben, dinner’s ready.”
He noticed that his mother’s voice lacked the usual authority since the incident. It was the first time in months that she had said his name. His eyes continued to roam around the dark room and swept over the picture of his family and his grandfather. He couldn’t keep it in anymore, reality hit him and Ben started to cry. He had acted so strong, for the sake of his little sister who needed a firm character to lean on, since his father has been become a hermit secluded in the living room on the couch.
Ben ripped open his drawers, trying to find his grandfather’s last letter which was buried underneath all his clothes. Tearing off the seal, he read his grandfather’s last words for the hundredth time.
“I’m alright Ben. No use worrying about me and have fun at camp. The hospital has really been giving it to me. All these needles, pipes, fluids, I sometimes wonder if all of this is worth it. But then I remember what I have left. What I truly value the most. You and your family are the only reason why I endure this pain hoping that it would cure this dreaded illness. I refuse to join your beloved grandmother for the time being, to see your faces once again. Don’t worry, I promised you that I’ll live until I’m two hundred and two didn’t I?”
A tear ran down Ben’s cheek as his eyes wondered to the top of the letter. “26th May 2009”. Ben admired the courage that his grandfather displayed through his letter. The words painted a strong fighting spirit going up against the inevitable. His grandfather had inspired Ben to live.
  Feeling dejected after her son ignored her, Barbara continued to the next room. “Jenny dear, dinner’s ready.”
Barbara remembered walking down the aisle as the soft joyful melody was played. Cold judging eyes pierced right through her, insulating out all the...