Belonging Story

No one belongs here more than you.
They smelt India before they saw India, a distinct smell of perspiration mixed with odd spices that stayed in the nose whether you liked it or not. But as soon as they opened their eyes, the fast paced action of their holiday destination blurred their sight. Within the space of minutes, forty six year old Rodney and Rebecca Pewter saw an elephant with what appeared to be a ragged Persian carpet and a mini tarp situated on its back travelling the main road out from the airport. The grey mass stood out from a highway covered in mainly older cars like a solid coat of paint, you couldn’t see any tarmac at all. It was a wonder anyone could drive or even be bothered to drive because everyone seemed to be exercising their horns rather than the pedal. Rooted straight to the ground, looking utterly bewildered, Rebecca Pewter began to feel a lump of anxiety slowly creep up from the pits of her stomach to her throat. Travelling internationally for the first time, the Pewters only began to realize just how different the world could be.  
Just before Rebecca Pewter was about to protest against the trip, a smiling young twenty something Indian man dressed in a khaki uniform with a name card marked with ‘Pewter’ tapped Rodney Pewter on the shoulder. He was to be their Indian travel host and in broken and accented English indicated that their tour bus was just on the right and is waiting for them. Rebecca felt her sense of unease dropped when the young man spoke English but still clutched at her husband’s arm in fear of being accidentally lost in the mob of people.
Their Indian travel host walked down the narrow bus aisle very quickly, stopping at each row of seats handing two or three pamphlets with a seller’s smile. Large, comforting and his dark brown skin really showed off his creamy white teeth. Both Pewters thanked him politely and very softly, before looking down at their red and white pamphlet. ‘The Real India Travel Co’ was...