Belonging: Peter Skrzynecki and Related Text: Mending Wall

When somebody belongs they usually feel accepted and comfortable, yet when somebody does not belong, feelings of detachment and disorientation can occur.   The texts Migrant Hostel and 10 Mary street by Peter Skrzynecki from the immigrant chronicles and Mending Wall by Robert Frost, explores how individuals can contain the strength to withstand any challenges that they encounter in their lives. An individual’s identity and self-perception can be created through the process of belonging. Only the individual can determine whether or not they belong and to shape a sense of self in their life.

Migrant Hostel by Peter Skrzynecki demonstrates how individuals may not belong to other cultures. This can be portrayed through the use of a smile “Nationalities sought/ each other out distinctively/ like homing pigeons”. The use of simile in ‘homing pigeons’ suggest that the migrants are trying to belong to something that reminds them of their Polish heritage. The responders can convey that the migrants are being alienation from other cultures resulting in isolation and loneliness which… LINK

Skrzynecki presents that barriers can affect individuals to belong to the bigger picture. The Migrant hostel provides a prison like life environment. The “barrier at the main gate” is a metaphoric and literal barrier, which gives the impression of imprisonment, sealing the migrants off from the rest of the world. The responders can convey that the migrants belong to a group but not to the rest of the country, making them feel excluded as it limits them to whom or what they can belong too as this barrier is affecting… LINK

Migrant Hostel shows that belonging can create uncertainty in pathways. This can be depicted through the use of a metaphor “unaware of the season, whose track would be follow”, the migrants don’t know where their going or what their future holds, thus creating uncertainty in their lives. The responders can see that without the migrants following a pathway, they...