Peter Skrzynecki - Belonging

Composers construct perspectives of belonging in texts by using various methods such as Film techniques, Poetic techniques and Language techniques. This essay will discuss perspectives of belonging as constructed by three specific authors, Peter Skrzynecki with the poems 'Post Card' and 'Migrant Hostel', Green Day with the lyrics of 'American Idiot', and the film 'Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s stone' directed by Chris Columbus.
The poem 'Post Card' explores Skrzynecki's understand of belonging. This part of the essay will analyse Post Card and provide a deeper understanding of Peter Skrzynecki's sense of belonging through his use of imagery, juxtaposition, alliteration, metaphor, and dialogue. Due to his sense of being an outsider, he finds the traditions of Polish culture and intrinsic part of his inability to belong.

The title of this poem, Post card, provides a sense of not belonging in itself, as the postcard is a symbolic representation of the distance that the person appears to feel about his connection to Poland. The use of the title text is a direct metaphor for this sense of not belonging. The persona expresses a feeling of regret and anxiety on its arrival. The phrase 'Haunts me' is a metaphor that indicates his anxiousness. This is the immediate expression of Skrzynecki’s constant struggle with having one foot in three different cultures, one being Australia, the other two being Poland and Ukraine. The title Post Card is self explanatory, yet emphasizes on the distance. A perspective of anxious confusion is created by the title for the audience via the use of the metaphor as a symbol for distant relationships trying to create a bridge, emphasizing the personas sense of not-belonging.
Another language technique that is used is a Rhetorical device, which is present in the second stanza. It provides us with regurgitating information as to which the persona has constantly been fed by his parents, about the old town, Warsaw. This...