Belonging Peter Skryznecki

Did you all know that we all belong to the same group? Look around, what do you see? ...   Yes that’s right we are all wearing the same uniform under the same roof.   The uniform enables us to feel a sense of belonging as we all share something in common; it also contributes to what our identity is made up of. Belonging is an instinctive need that gives us a sense of security and comfort.   This can emerge from connections made with people, places groups and communities this can be established through understanding and acceptance of others. Sometimes an individual may experience a struggle to belong in new groups and form new relationships. Reasons for this may be because of certain barriers such as bad experiences, stereotyped groups and dwelling on the good past. This may affect the individual emotionally and mentally and may stop them from associating with others. However an individual may overcome these barriers due to the modification of time.
The poems that reflect to my visual representation and my personal understanding of belonging are through the poetry of “immigrant chronicles’ by peter skrzynecki, the 3 poems that i selected are ‘migrant hostel’, ’10 Mary street’, and ‘St Patricks college’.   These selected poems enlighten my visual representation because it expresses my personal understanding of belonging. The storyboard is about how I, as an individual did not want to belong due   to fear of the future, dwelling on the good past and not wanting to create new memories. But then as time went by, the aspiration to belong and connect with others   was essential for sense of comfort and security.   It also displays how overcoming stereotyped groups allows you to connect and understand others for who they are.
Migrant hostel’ expresses the struggle of migrants to belong to a new land where they do not have absolute freedom and control over their lives. It also outlines how belonging is an instinctive need for all human beings who flock together to form a sense...