Belief in a Soul Is Just Wishful Thinking

‘Belief in A Soul is Just Wishful Thinking’. Discuss
      Different philosophers have many different ideas whether our soul exists or not. Some may argue that belief in a soul is just wishful thinking, while others believe that our soul does exist. Some philosophers are materialist they do not accept that there is an immortal part of thee human body called the “soul”. Materialist believes an action is the result of a chain of events, and eventually science will be able to explain everything. Whereas dualisms hold that our soul determines our personality and the body is an outer shell for the real self.
      Plato is a dualist and he believes that the soul is eternal and uncreated, both pre-existing and outliving the body. He believes that the body is part of the material world, but the soul belongs to the world of the forms, or world of ideas, and as such is non-physical. Plato believes that after our death, our soul will be reborn into a new body. Plato believes that the soul does exist and it is not just a wishful thinking. He said that the mortal and finite physical body is nothing more than an endless source of suffering and frustration, distracting the soul from the eternal truth contained in the world of the forms. The soul and body are therefore antagonistic, and the soul is immeasurably superior.   But it is difficult to arrive at an exact explanation of Plato’s beliefs about the soul because they changed over time. Plato believed that the soul is pure and simple and does exist. But the existence of soul had an important implication for Plato’s beliefs in the afterlife, and of the rewards for a virtuous life. Plato appears to have believed that the soul will be reborn in a new body (i.e. belief in reincarnation), and that those who have virtuous lives will somehow be rewarded, but his opinion varied across his various works. Therefore it has implications and some opponents may argue that because his work varies, the soul is nothing but a wishful...