Ensuring that students are given every opportunity to learn from the outset of any course must be an essential requirement of any teacher’s goal. When planning any course to be delivered a lot of time and effort will go into the whole course but any good course will start with a well structure induction, which should engage the students from the beginning. The induction should give a clear view of what the student needs to achieve and what criteria needs to be met for the student to successfully pass the course.
As a teacher you should be fully familiar with your induction and the best way it can be delivered in a professional way. Giving your students all the help and support they need and require for them to have a positive learning experience.

According to Robert Gragne (1985) he used his hierarchical model to point out the importance facts that higher level types of information cannot be understood or learned until all the appropriate lower level knowledge has been mastered.
The students I teach have mostly no pervious experience of practical activities that I deliver, so I have to set a selection of practice task and academic material to match their abilities which   enables them to gain basic practical skills they require to develop and progress effectively on the course.

Working for a college in a prison presents more barriers to learning than your average student has to face, so setting the right environment and meeting the students needs, as well as making the most of the environment that you have so you can motivate the students even under these circumstances

Perhaps the best known example is Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of motivation. At the lowest level are physiological needs, at the highest self actualization. Only when the lower needs are met is it possible to fully move on to the next level.
Working in the environment that I do the students basic needs are met by the prison but Tennant (1997) summarizes these into five levels which need to...