Behavioural development

From Birth to One year.

Babies at this age are incapable of understanding rules.
They only respond to their feelings of hunger, tiredness etc
by alerting you.

Babies are incapable of ‘bad’ and ‘good’ behaviour they are act on their instinct.
They are unaware of the world around them.

By the age of six months, they understand displeasure.

Children in this age group are able to learn about behaviour through examples.   At around the age of two years your child will enjoy saying the word “no”
Your child must learn they cannot get your attention while you’re doing a job unless they are helping you.   This will take time for the child to learn this.
Your child may refuse to co-operate with you so you must withdraw your attention.   Most children are desperate for attention so they will change their bad behaviour to good.

A child of this age is more likely to understand more about what is acceptable behaviour.   They are more willing to help you with jobs.  
This is when the famous terrible twos start, and you could be facing your first tantrums.   The tantrum will alarm your child as much as you. How you react to these tantrums will determine how often these will happen.
When your child reaches the age of 2 ½ years they will become bossy and moody.   They find it hard to fit into a group and sometimes don’t get on with other children.   Children of this age may bite you must tell your child this is unacceptable behaviour and move them to other room for a few minutes

Between these ages your child changes a lot in their pre-school behaviour. They may be calm and co-operative with you sometimes and other times not listen to you at all.   Your child will be able to understand simple rules...