Behavior Awareness in Care

Behaviour Awareness in Care


Our self-concept is most important part of us because it affects all our relationships and interactions with others. Self concept is how we think, evaluate ourselves and what we are like inside. The term of self-concept is a general term used to refer how someone thinks or perceives themselves for both social psychology and humanism. Self concept is based on two things:

    • What we believe we are like as a person

    • What other people think about us

It is important for us to have a positive opinion about ourselves in order to have a good relationship with others. However, if we have poor self- concept it is more likely to affect our behaviour for example when we are taking the exam in your mind you are thinking you may not achieve the examinations leading you to feel nervous. There are many factors that affect the self-concept:

    • Age

    • Appearance

    • Gender

    • Culture

    • Emotional Development

    • Education

    • Relationships with others

This is necessary to have high self-concept to improve feature developments as they are growing. Self concept is part of our emotional and social development. The way we evaluate our selves includes our physical, moral, personal, family and social situations dimensions. The self concept is influence by our sense of identity. By two powerful effects on our self concept which are:

  i. Other people opinions and judgements which they make. We may go further with opinion or judgement from the person and try improving our self or we make take to our heart.   This may lead to low self esteem as we would be saying “I am useless I cannot do this”.

  ii. There would social comparisons which are the perceptions of ways that you are similar to and different from other people. For example “A child wearing glasses”.

Self esteem is the value you attach to yourself and your skills. The way we define ourselves are influenced by our...