Be Active

Jordan Smith
Comp. 2

“Be Active”

How many of you all want to look back, assuming you reach an age to

where you can hardly move, and think to yourself,” Man I am so glad that I

learned all that math”, or,” Dang I am so glad I missed out on all the fun and

cool stuff just so I could end up laying in this bed all day.” This certainly is

not the way I would like to remember my youth. When or if you turn eighty,

school is not going to mean that much.

Ever since I could remember, I have always been an active person. I

remember when I was five playing baseball in the middle of the street and

accidentally breaking car windows and just sprinting back down the street to

my house before the neighbors came out! Now that’s something to laugh

about and tell my kids and their kids. I am not telling you that anyone

should go out and break other peoples property just for a story to tell your

grandkids. The point is, if I were a house pet like most parents like to raise

their kids, then I probably would not have had the joy of the experience.

Playing baseball in the middle of the street and breaking car windows

isn’t all that happened to me though. That’s just what happened around

First and second grade. In the third grade, I started skateboarding. By the

time I was in the fifth grade, I was the best skateboarder out all the schools

around my house except the high school. Skateboarding, to me, was so fun

that I would sit out during recess to finish all of my homework so that I

could go skateboarding when school let out! By the time I was a freshman

in high school, me and some friends were taking the bus to the Garland train

station and riding it all the way to downtown Dallas just to skateboard at

least once or twice a week. Some times we would even get on a bigger train

in Dallas and take it to skate parks in Irving.

Anyone might ask,” Didn’t your parents...