Bc. Martin Halamka

How did World War   1 affect the British Empire?

Student: Martin Halamka
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Date: 9.4.2014

The World War 1 caused profound political, social and geographical changes within the British Empire. The British Empire before World War 1 was enormous, it stretched across the world from Canada, big part of Africa, Middle East, Asia and Australia. The British Empire before World War 1 comprised a quarter of the population of   the world and one fifth of the world’s landmass.   The British Empire was at its largest territorial expansion after World War 1 in 1918 when former German and Turkish territories were mandate to Britain World War 1 and its end brought changes and challenges which affected the British Empire such as gaining more territories as victor side, nationalist movement in India, Ireland, and the Statute of Westminster giving independence to the British white dominions.
New British territories gave British Empire quite lots of trouble especially in the Middle East where strategic points were held and oil fields were found. Palestine and Iraq which were mandate to Britain in 1920 were great challenges for British to sustain peace and keep their influence.   There was a conflict of interest between Arabs who had been promised Palestine by the Allies as their homeland by McMahon agreement for help in defeating Turks, and the Jews who also had been promised the same area by Balfour Declaration. There were some problems but situation stabilized. “At this time, the area was ruled by the British and both Arabs and Jews appeared to live together in some form of harmony in the sense that both tolerated then existence of the other.” In late 20’s relations between Arabs and Jews worsened which led into discontent of Jerusalem. “At the end of World War I, Ottoman control ended and Iraq came under the authority of a British mandate.” Attempts of British to rule this region were thwarted by Arab nationalism which was very...