Bayeux Tapestry Experience

Bayeux Tapestry Experience
Humanities 111
August 17, 2012

Historical Event
The night before we left I will always remember.   I sat behind my house looking up at the
stars realizing what I had and what I would be fighting to protect.   We may not win I told myself
but, I would fight and die trying if I had to.   This day will go down in history for all to know,
who fought and for why we fought, we would not be fighting for money or fame, we would fight
for what we believed.   As a person we all have our own beliefs and why we fight for what we
have or where it may take us makes us the people we are.   I fight for what I believe in just like
everyone next to me who is in the same position as I.   There is no better way to come to an end
than to fight for a freedom that not only belong to me, but to others as well.   To stand up against
our enemies and take a stand for what we believe in as a country, as people who stand united.  
We do not know what tomorrow may hold, but we do know what this moment holds in history is
a battle from both sides that tells a story of two different beliefs to be fought for.

Impression of the Event
The air stood still as everyone prepared for a day of fighting on the battle field.   You can
smell the fear of each one of the soldiers as the sweat dripping from our foreheads preparing for
something that you never have time to prepare for.   The battle begins and as an army we fight as
one,   not against the one next to you but praying for their support.   All you see is swords being
flung, axes in mid air, metal against metal seem like an eternity took place before the end came.  
Man against man, boy against boy, in times like these it seems that it is every man or boy for
himself.   Thousands of men screaming in war cries and pain, horses running trying to get away
from men who are fighting each other.   Friend becomes enemy, enemy becomes friend, one's
body armor does not differ from the other.   Bodies...