Ks3 - Why Did William of Normandy Win the Battle of Hastings?

Why did William of Normandy win the battle of Hastings?

In this essay I will be writing about how William of Normandy won the battle of Hastings, the events leading up to the battle e.g. the battle of Stamford Bridge, Harold and Williams’s preparation etc and the overall conclusion of how he won and what contributed to him winning. The key question will be answered by using evidence from school books, websites and history text books.

England’s Great Problem

In 1066 England was ruled by King Edward the confessor, Edward was a half brother to Harold Harefoot.   He was tall and very religious he looked just liked people thought a King should look but infact he was weak and couldn’t stand up to his bossy nobles.   As he got older Edward got more religious and people began to believe he could perform miracles.   One hundred years after he died he became know as Edward the Confessor. Before his death he realised he had a big problem he didn’t have an heir to the throne so when he died he didn’t have anyone to take his place after him. So as you can imagine it was a big challenge finding who the next King should be, but there were three main candidates so it wasn’t so hard to decide. Well actually it was because they all had different reasons why they wanted to be king so their names and reasons were:

The Three Candidates

Harold Hardrada.   Harold was born Harold Sigurdsson in 1016.   Harold was half brother to Olaf ll, who was the King of Norway. In 1045 Harold returned to Norway and two years later became King of Norway after the death of his nephew Magnus Olafssoon. Within a few years he had become known as Harold Hardrada (meaning hard-ruler).

Harold wanted to be King of England because previous members of his family had ruled England before the English.

Harold Godwenson.   Harold was born around 1022.   His father, Godwin of Wessex, was the most powerful nobleman in England. Harold became Earl of East Anglia in 1046. He also got a share of his brother...