Barriers of Critial Thinking

Barriers to Critical Thinking
John Dowe
HUM 111
September 9, 2013

Barriers to Critical Thinking

My first barrier is my pride (fear of being wrong). I cannot help it but to turn my pride into a safety blanket when I know I am wrong of something.   Every now and then I will have some type of debate with my family or extended family members in general. When I do not have the full specific on a topic when debating, I turn to my pride and don’t realize sometimes I am wrong and will not admit. Even my wife knows I am wrong, she gives that “look” to stop it because I may not have the right information on hand. Understanding myself and the situation I put myself in, is the only way to overcome how I think and to become a better thinker.
My second barrier is my reaction to others “ideas” at work. I may not work with the best team at getting things done on time. When someone ideas that involve only one person during work (which is me) and the person with the idea in front of the cooler all day, will make my reactions pretty obvious and sometimes loud as well. I cannot stand working with lazy people but I need to work on my reacting and showing true colors before something goes south. With the help of knowing I am doing something in my life (by going to school) helps me overcome my reactions to others nonsense ideas and overall attitude. Patients will guide me to success.