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Obama Promotes ‘Smart-Grid’ Project

This article is about   how President Barack Obama plans on spending 3.4 billion dollars   from the seven hundred and eighty-seven billion dollar stimulus package on projects that would help create a clean energy economy. On Tuesday, October twenty-seventh, President Obama gave a 13 minute speech in Arcadia, Florida talking about how a modern electrical grid would allow people to have better control over their electrical costs, and also reduce the country’s dependency on foreign sources of energy. He also discussed how there would be opposition from special interest groups and lobbyists in Washington who are interested in things other then what the American people are interested in. President Obama warned about the opposition by stating, “There are those who are also going to suggest that moving towards a clean energy futures going to somehow harm the economy or lead to fewer jobs, and they’re going to argue that we should do nothing, stand pat, do less or delay action yet again.”
I don’t believe the author made it clear either way how they felt about the topic. I believe that the author wrote this article because renewable energy resources are something that we should further investigate and possibly contribute more money to. The idea that the energy resources we are using now are running low or are not healthy for the environment makes it a pressing issue. I believe that the author provided information for both sides fairly well. Not only did they give the side of the President and his supporters, but they also included...