Barack Oboma

              Government-Dual Credit
  1st period
Chapter 1: How has the face of the United States changed with the election of Barack Obama?

Many people in the United States, and even all around the planet, think of the election of the very first man of color to be president of the United Sates to be significant. President Barack Obama has seemingly overcome racial barriers and proved that dreams that may seem impossible do come true.
Decades ago, citizens of the U.S. would have never dreamed that a black man, a worthless being to them in those times, would some day have rule over them. Mr. Obama has made all of those ignorant assumptions obsolete. President Obama has many things set in place for this wonderful country and I don’t believe that it was a mistake to put him in office. Lots of people feel that he has produced this unattainable platform that he hasn’t the intention or the will power to carry out. Ignorance. They don’t know how this man plans to do these things and maybe that’s because he doesn’t want them to know, maybe he just wants them to doubt him and then prove them wrong by making everything change for the good of our country.
President Barack Obama inspired many people in the nation to believe that anything is possible when you put your mind to it. He is said to be the greatest president since president Clinton, and I don’t believe he will disappoint the people who still have hope that everything will turn out the way its meant to be.