Employees who actively “live the brand” create significant benefits for both the customer and the organization. Customers of organizations with employee brand advocates enjoy better customer service, greater expectationsof an ability to have their needs met, and more attentiveness to their voice and feedback. The organization also enjoys the benefits of word-of-mouth marketing, greater profitability and financial results, and a more differentiated brand.
Another question might be, “how do we create great customer experiences?” As creating great customer experiences depends on who your customers are and what they most want from you. How are you as a manager planning to locate the brand and services in the minds of consumers to maximize customer-focused value.
Marketers spend significant dollars on a variety of tactics to reach and communicate with customers and promote their brands.
Organizations often underutilize their employees as a channel to connect and build relationships with customers, leading to fewer endorsements of the brand and the organization to customers and potential future customers.
Authors are mentioning that without getting it right internally, the external message can confuse the perception of the potential customers. To help senior managers to evaluate their various employee segments:
  Those feel passionate about the brand and the message. Who     live the brand not only at work but also in their community
      Those who meet customer basic need and participate in training     but lack the enthusiasm.
      Those who lack the understanding of brand and unhappy at job.
    These points can help the manager to understand the influence of the employees on the long-term relationship with customers.
However, besides telling your employees that they need to start acting differently because this will help to increase the identity of the brand, will not work. Nowadays, leaders need to motivate...